inkBoat Performing & Internal Arts Training

$18 a month after 3-day free trial

These pre-recorded lessons are presented to give form and direction to your practice at home, focused on building a consistent and lasting physical practice to serve you in life. We focus on essential mobility, coordinations and dynamic release. You'll get the most out of the experience by watching or following along with each video and then practicing on your own. Each video is anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes. New content will periodically be uploaded. Also, please ask questions on our forum (click FORUMS on the top of this page).

  • Performing Arts

    17 videos

    Guidelines for your attention to patterns of time, motion and relationship.
    Modalities: Action Theater, Butoh Dance and More.

  • Mobility and Health

    29 videos

    Developing mobility in the tissues and joints of the body, encouraging elasticity and resiliency. Addressing the fundamental health of the body, we prepare for the performance of life.
    Yang Sheng Gong, Noguchi Taiso, massage and stretching.

  • Internal Arts

    14 videos

    We soften the tissues, clear stagnation, develop balance and coordination to develop a more energy-efficient body. As part of the practice, we discover how thoughts and the mind’s attention can change the quality of the physical form to develop the connective tissues.